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Free Local Delivery

High Quality Paddleboards

Fully Qualified Instructor


ChilliSUPCo was founded out of a passion for paddleboarding and water sports. We are happy to be able to share our knowledge, passion and experience with our customers throughout Swindon, Cotswold and Lechlade.

Man stood on a paddle board
Chilli the dog on a paddle board in a life jacket


As lovers of paddleboarding for many years and qualified outdoor activities and water sports instructor, we are here to offer you the opportunity to enjoy being out on the water on a paddleboard as much as us, and to share in the passion for being on the water. That's where the business has come from, to be able to share with you all. 

Here at ChilliSUPCo, we are all about having fun on the water. We want you to be able to make the most of this wherever you may be. This is why we are offering free local delivery in the Cotswold / Swindon / Lechlade area for our inflatable SUPs. All you have to do is pack the bag in your car and take it with you wherever you want.

The inflatable SUP hire comes with a handy carry bag with comfortable shoulder straps. Inside the bag along with the SUP will be a pump, a three-piece paddle, an ankle leash, quick release belt and a quick instructional guide on how to use all of these. One buoyancy aid will come as standard as part of the hire. Just let us know your size. Additional buoyancy aids can be added to each hire for extra cost along with dry bags and waterproof phone cases. 


Paddleboarding is one of the quickest growing outdoor activities in the world. It's also possibly one of the easiest to pick up and learn. The added advantages of such good quality inflatable paddleboards that can be taken anywhere mean you aren't limited in when and where you can take and use them. It's an activity that can be taken up by people of all ages. Whether it be on your own, with your friends, or with family, it's the perfect activity for everyone. Not only just for fun there's a whole host of added benefits to boost that you might not even know about.

All the extra added benefits of paddleboarding can start from it being a low impact and stress-free activity and exercise helping you relax in the blissfulness and calm of being on the water. The low intensity of the activity means your getting a gentle cardio and full body work out without even realising that you're doing it making it good for everyone of all ages and abilities. That being said if you wish to up the intensity, you can get an even better cardio workout from your paddleboarding time if you are up for a challenge of pushing yourself a little more (maybe even a race between friends/siblings or against your parents!)

One of the biggest benefits will be improving your balance, core strength and stability and because of the low impact nature of the activity, it can be great for anyone recovering from an injury. 

And this one is probably the best of all hence why being saved for last - that feeling of you being bought back to nature and connecting and interacting with the environment around you as you gently and calmly glide along the surface of the water. Seeing the waterways and nature from a different perspective relaxes and calms you, giving you a positive mental health and physical health boost. 

Group paddle boarding
Stand up paddle board


This excellent top of the range SUP is the ideal board for everyone with a stronger internal construction than ever before and a 34’’ wide base. This board will make it possible for newcomers and heavier riders alike to get out on the water on a board that is extremely stable. The board has extra width and length for maximum stability and buoyancy and Advanced Board Shaping for excellent performance through the water, giving you longer gliding time. The rocker (upturn at the nose) ensures good wave performance. Diamond Groove Deckpad provides a comfortable grippy surface for your feet. Kick-Step (raised platform) at the rear makes step-back pivot turns easy to learn and master. In addition, our customers tell us it is ideal for sunbathing.

  • Recommended Pressure: 18-20 PSI

  • Max Pressure: 22 PSI (DO NOT EXCEED!)

  • Carrying Capacity: 140kg (Max two occupants)

  • Board weight: 10kg

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